Photovoltaic solar panels create electricity by converting sunlight into energy.

At Burt Electric & Communications we have solar power systems for both commercial and residential use.  We offer Grid-Tie Systems, Off-Grid Systems, Pole-Mount Arrays, and Carport Systems. We can also provide various types and styles for Security Cameras and Backup Power.

Your solar power project begins with professional engineered drawings.  Next the roofers make the roof attachments.  After the roofing work is complete and the panels are secured to the racking, we bring in our electricians to complete the work.  The electrical cables are installed in conduit to the main power panel.

Burt Electric & Communications offer:

  • Complete Purchase Systems
  • Lease with Option to Buy Systems
  • Lease only Systems

Bottom line, your solar power installation is started and completed by professionals and you start saving money from day one!

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