The owner of Burt Electric and Communications, Inc., Paul E. Burt, comes from a family deeply rooted in the electrical trade.  He is a third generation electrician with over 30  years electrical experience ranging from residential applications, to sub-station construction and maintenance, to upper management for the computer, phone, and network division of one of the largest electrical contractors in Kern County.  His experience has taken him from oilfield pipeline pump stations to classrooms installing the internet to desktops for school children.  Burt Electric and Communications is a company that offers a wide range of experience in applications involving PLC Ladder logic Controls, TCP/IP, Fiber Optics & WAN/LAN, in addition to electrical applications from 12v to 75kv and everything in-between.

We believe that Quality of workmanship is a mandatory key point of the industry.  All work performed will be plumb, level, or square, and in accordance with all applicable codes and standards.  The old cliché of “I can’t see it from my house” isn’t used, and won’t be used here.  All work is done as if it were in our own home, around our children.  It will be done in a safe, neat and professional manner.  Quality work and quality materials perform better and longer and as a result are more cost effective for the customer.  Burt Electric and Communications can even make recommendations for preventative maintenance for new equipment, and existing equipment to further increase its lifespan and productivity.

Burt Electric and Communications works hand and hand with some of the best integrators for PLC and Line work in the area, and all prospective “employees” and sub contractors are highly scrutinized through resumes, interviews, and background references.  Furthermore, client satisfaction is mandatory.  Ultimately you as the customer have the final say as to who does the work in your facility.  All employees, whether permanent or temporary, are screened for drugs and controlled substances.  Burt Electric and Communication has a NO TOLERANCE policy.  We believe that Safety for our employees and our customers is the FIRST and foremost requirement.  Our philosophy is if a project can’t be done safely, it won’t be done until ALL safety issues have been addressed.

As a small company I can guarantee that you as the customer are important to us.  Your business is one of our highest priorities.  Your phone calls WILL be returned.  And, you can rest assured that you can always go “straight to the horse’s mouth” and deal directly with the owner himself.  No matter what time of the day or night we are available to service your needs.


Paul E. Burt,